Cybersecurity Starts with Your People: Why Security Awareness Training is a Must for Businesses

Business person at keyboard with security icons representing cybersecurity.

Even with the best technology, your business has an inherent weak link: your employees. Human error accounts for the vast majority of security breaches, making it clear that technology alone isn’t enough. Businesses in the Philadelphia area need to invest in security awareness training – it’s the key to strengthening your security posture overall.

Cybercriminals play on human nature.

They engineer emails that spark fear, urgency, or curiosity, tricking employees into clicking links or opening attachments. A busy worker might not notice a slightly misspelled web address. Social engineering tactics may convince someone to hand over sensitive data over the phone. Hackers are good at exploiting trusting people!

Effective training isn’t a boring lecture.

It includes engaging simulations, phishing tests (that are clearly marked as tests), and regular updates on the latest tactics. Employees learn how to spot red flags, develop healthy skepticism, and understand the impact their actions can have on your business.

Security awareness training builds a stronger company culture.

Employees feel empowered to help protect the business, not just be potential liabilities. Having clear procedures for reporting suspicious activity makes incident response faster. Proactive training also demonstrates good-faith security efforts, which can be important for industry compliance or in the event of an unavoidable incident.

Cyber threats constantly evolve, so training must too. Refreshers, new modules, and updates based on current threats keep security top of mind. It’s also essential to extend training to new employees as they’re onboarded within your company.

Not all businesses have the resources to design comprehensive security training in-house. An Exton, PA, MSP (managed services provider) can provide specialized security awareness training platforms, customized to your organization. An MSP also keeps track of evolving threats, ensuring your content stays relevant. And as your IT consulting partner, they’ll help build training into your overall cybersecurity strategy, not treat it as an isolated item.

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